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Focus less on abortion and more on the kids already in Florida foster care | Letters

Published on: 02/17/2022


15 weeks vs. a lifetime Florida’s 15-week abortion ban bills, explained | Feb. 16

Times staff writer Kirby Wilson’s front-page report is excellent in explaining what Senate Bill 146 and House Bill 5 are proposing. I strongly suggest that these politicians, theologians and abortion protestors observe what happens to our children in the foster care system when women are not allowed to choose for themselves whether they are going to give birth and then raise a child. Our time and money would be much better spent if we focused on helping children who are already in foster care who struggle daily. A woman should have the right to determine whether she can give a child the love and support, a home (not just a shelter!), food, education, medical care, etc. The choice is this: a fetus of 15 weeks versus a lifetime.

Melinda Lebowitz, Seminole

Utilities, don’t be ‘grid’ locked Consumers suffer from an attempt to stifle the booming solar industry | Column, Feb. 15

I am one of the people who has installed a solar power system. I am not a rich person, just a regular Joe who wanted to do my part for the environment. I send my excess power back to the grid, and I do pay for the convenience of accessing the grid. Things in this world change all of the time. Maybe the power companies should recognize that their business model can change too.

Tedd Rassizi, Riverview

Actually, it was about science It was never about the science | Column, Feb. 14

I think columnist Nolan Finley’s “expert” opinion about “the science” of masks and vaccines is, in a word, wrong. Most health professionals and the CDC have said masks and social distancing help slow the spread of the virus, and statistics show that fully vaccinated people get less severe symptoms and are far less likely to die. He makes a typical anti-mandate argument: People don’t do what they should be doing and then claim what they should be doing doesn’t work!

Michael Lang, Seminole

The paper trail Inside the strange trip of classified Trump records | Feb. 13

So whatever secrets President Donald Trump didn’t show the Russians in the Oval Office, will the Russians now get to read them at Mar-a-Lago?

Carlos J DeCisneros, Tampa

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